Mother’s Day Tips for Blended Families:

Having any major holiday drama-free can sometimes seem challenging for any family, let alone a blended family. Mother’s Day is no exception. There are still some family sensitivities and considerations for enjoying family togetherness, honoring moms and step-moms, and spending time in a respectful, meaningful way. When a blended family is involved, it may require […]

Dr. Renee Clauselle Appeared On Good Morning America Health “How Kids View Parent’s Extramarital Affairs”

Dr. Renee Clauselle, Founder, Child and Family Psychology, appeared on a Good Morning America Health segment on May 18, 2011 to discuss helping children cope when parents have extramarital affairs.

Watch the segment here:


Dr. Renee’s Picks of the Week

Dr. Renee is offering these products to help families deal with divorce or separation. Remember you can purchase right off of the site. Dr. Renee’s favorite is a children’s book entitled “At Daddy’s on Saturday.” Buy the books here: