Become a Cyber-Parent, A Creative Way for Parents to do Cyber-Duty on Social Networking Sites

In last month’s news, Dr. Renee encouraged parents to begin doing cyber-duty and to take the cyber-pledge. This month, she discusses a creative way for parents to do cyber-duty on social networking sites.

Of concern to many parents is that their children might follow the ground rules spelled out in their cyber-pledge, while at home, […]

Video About Text Messages and Cyberbullying

Recently several parents have asked me questions related specifically to text messages between tween/teens. I have come across a wonderful website that I think has good information and is also an informative video that tween/teens can watch. The video can be used to open a conversation with your teen about appropriate and safe “texting”. The […]

Bully-proof My Kid: Empowering Children and Adolescents to Overcome Social Abuse

Research tells us that there are certain kids that are more likely to be bullied (traditional bullying) than others. The character profile for victims is typically passive or submissive types. These children usually have the following characteristics:

• Cautious, sensitive, quiet, withdrawn and shy • Are often anxious, insecure, unhappy and have low self-esteem • […]

Dr. Renee Asks Parents to Take the “Cyber Duty Pledge”

Just as parents and teachers have recess duty and watch over schoolchildren during free play, it is time for parents and teachers to also sign up for “cyber duty.” Here is how you can sign the pledge:

1. Have a conversation with your child about the world wide web, the opportunities it presents, the excitement […]