Dr. Renee’s Top Holiday Pick of the Week

These are smart toys that boost developmental skills and are fun! We will be featuring one toy for a specific age group each week during the holiday season. These toys can be purchased right from the link on the blog.

9 mos. to 2 years: “The reason I love Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light‘s full night sky projection for ceiling and walls is that it really plays to the sensory development that is happening in babies. Muscular and eye tracking development are enhanced. I also love that, as a stuffed toy, it can grow with kids as they get older as a cuddle friend for bedtime.”

You can purchase the Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light by clicking here!

1 comment to Dr. Renee’s Top Holiday Pick of the Week

  • It’s a cute night light. It reminds me of a toy my daughter had as a toddler. It was a turtle too, and also a stuffed animal, but the mechanism was a wind up music box with no lights. It worked wonders in helping her to fall asleep easily. I like the nightlight idea, though. Children are often troubled when they wake up in a pitch dark room.

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