Dr. Renee Clauselle “GMA Health” on Psychological Disorders and Knowing When to Seek Professional Help

Dr. Renee Clauselle appeared on “Good Morning America Health” to discuss psychological disorders and knowing when to seek professional help. Watch the video here:


Finding the Right Therapies for Treating Psychological Disorders

Having a loved one dealing with a psychological disorder can be hard, and many don’t realize how difficult it can be to find proper help. There are many types of therapy. Dr. Renee Clauselle offers tips on how to find the best ones.

First, do you know the signs that it may be time to […]

Helping Families of Service Members Who Commit Suicide While in Combat

With a growing number of troops reported to have taken their own lives while in battle, it has been reported that the Pentagon and the White House are now acknowledging service members who committed suicide during combat the same way as other combat related deaths. The change may help to take away the stigma associated […]