Organizational Strategies for Your Children — and You!

It is Back-to-School Time and Dr. Renee has tips to get you ready. For most, staying organized helps to reduce stress as well as build focus and increase task completion. Here are seven tips for staying organized that will work great for both you and your children: 1) Everything has a home. a. Put items […]

Back-To-School Nights & Parent-Teacher Conferences: start your child’s school year off right!

When September comes, children go back to school and parents begin the job of managing homework, activities, and school life. I have compiled some tips to help parents prepare for their first parent-teacher conference and/or back-to-school night.

To make the school year a successful one for you and your child, I offer you the following […]

New Tricks for a New School Year

Make sure your kids start the school year feeling strong and confident. Don’t take old study, learning, and behavioral patterns that did not work last year into the new school year. We can help students at all levels, including elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Our experts in study skills, learning styles, cognition, […]