April is Autism Awareness Month

I am here to remind everyone that April is Autism Awareness Month and urge parents to look for warning signs of autism and to seek Early Intervention services for their child.

The month-long campaign, sponsored by Autism Speaks, brings to the forefront the prevalence of autism in children to educate parents about the growing rate […]

Examining the Florida Bus Case: Lessons For All Parents

As a psychologist and overall advocate for children with special needs, I am horrified and saddened by the behavior of James Willie Jones on a Seminole County, Florida school bus on September 3rd. However, I am equally appalled at the actions, or lack thereof, by the school bus driver and school district to protect Mr. […]

Dr. Renee Clauselle Discusses Definition and Diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorders at Upcoming Seminar

Dr. Renee Clauselle, a practicing child psychologist with a private practice in Franklin Square, New York, and Director of School Mental Health Services at St. John’s University, will be one of three speakers attending the “Legal Aspects of Managing Autism Spectrum Disorders for School Districts” seminar on June 29.

Dr. Clauselle’s lecture, “Defining and Diagnosing […]