3 Fun Things for Families to do Together

Staying healthy as a family means making the time to connect. In our fast-paced Web 2.0 world, connecting and re-connecting can seem monumental. It is not! When you start finding the joy in everyday living and make a way to connect, everyone’s mental health and outlook improves. Here are 3 fun things for families to […]

Bullying Prevention Starts at Home

On March 10, the White House hosted a Conference on Bullying Prevention in which students, parents, educators and community leaders discussed ways to combat this problem which affects 13 million students in the U.S. — roughly one-third of the school-age population — who are victims of bullying.

President and First Lady Obama spoke on how […]

To Stop Bullying, Parents Should Be Role Models

At the March 10 White House Conference for Bullying Prevention, First Lady Michelle Obama touched on the issue of adults’ responsibility to model respect. Oftentimes, children repeat what they see being done at home by their parents, or by adults in the community.

We often think bullying happens between children only. However, it also happens […]

Dr. Renee’s Pick of the Week

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